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Roof Repair

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Roof repairs

Probably the most common roofing service, Sterry Roofing carry out roof repairs on residential and domestic properties throughout Wakefield, Pontefract, Castleford and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire. We offer a comprehensive roofing repair service to all types of roofs, whether it be a broken or missing ridge tile, a slipped slate, repointing work, lead replacement, a flat felt roof repair or even mortar repairs. We can deal with any issue.

We can also take photographs of the defect to share with you, so that you see exactly what is wrong with your roof and we can explain what work needs to be done, providing an honest and open roofing service.

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Roof Damage

Over time, all roofs are damaged by the weather, whether it be a heavy storm with strong winds that have damaged your roof tiles, or just wear and tear over the years from our ever changing climate. We will inspect your roof thoroughly to provide you with our honest and experienced opinion on the best way forward, after all your roof is the first line of defence against the rain and cold weather. If your roof is too damaged, or it is more cost effective to replace, we will provide a quote for a roof replacement.

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